Welcome to the Hart Family Tree

  Welcome to the Hart Family Tree!

This website is intended to provide current and future family members with a frame of reference when investigating their family trees. The information provided was gleaned primarily from statutory Scottish registers.

Winston Churchill observed that history would be kind to him at he intended to write it. All feedback is therefore welcome.

The website is an early generation 'work in progress' but currently provides some family tree overviews, a fairly rich list of individual profiles and brief information regarding the 'left-handed' Clan Kerr whom many of the people in this site are descended from. As a suggested starting point for new visitors, the Family Trees section provides a quick visual overview of some of the individuals detailed within the site.

To locate specific known individuals or simply to review the full list of documented family members, the People Finder section is applicable.

Kevin Hart (May 2011)

September 2014 Site Rewrite underway...

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